Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Plastic bag overkill

My Eco Self aspires to actually use my mounting collection of reusable shopping bags, instead of feeling eco guilt at the supermarket checkout when I realise I’ve left them all at home and am forced to take another plastic bag. Recent reusable bag purchases include one which rolls up small in my handbag. Then there is another which rolls up even smaller, covered in pretty birds, a hemp bag made by ex-prostitutes in India, and a bag for life bought from the supermarket. On top of the plastic bag count, My Eco Self’s bank account is polluted with reusable bag overspend. I can not resist buying a newly-released limited edition designer trolley bag on wheels. The trolley will support visits to multiple independent retailers on the local high street. Homeward bound from a Saturday morning shop, I phone Food Neurotic Friend, one hand free due to the ergonomic gleeful ease of wheeling a trolley.
“Do you ever wonder why it took someone so long to invent a trolley on wheels?” “They invented it a long time ago” he says, “for someone twice your age but with half your attitude.”

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