Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Short-lived composting career

This is my new composter - delivered today and it's faulty. It doesn't have a door, or a base (should it have a base?) I bought it from Marks and Spencers online - but the dimensions were wrong - it said 65cm high on the description, this is more like 95cm. I could barely get it up the stairs! It certainly can't fit in my tiny garden - the reason I chose it was because I thought it was a small one. So composting is on hold. I e-mailed an online gardening company and asked them which was their smallest composter - their response was "all the heights and dimensions are included on our website." Ie not very helpful. If anyone knows somewhere to get a genuinely small one, let me know...


Anonymous said...

no - i don't think it has to come with a base - you can just put them on the ground.
a door is a different matter though!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Wiggly Wigglers?