Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Eco business opportunity #3

Despite concluding that the milkman might not share a pale pink vision, My Eco Self is still excited about the prospect of home delivery. The Tea for Joy idea has not progressed further, due to the commitment of a lease and overheads. I have a new idea for cupcakes for sale from an old converted ice cream van. My Eco Self lives near a large common where yummy mummies and offspring gather at weekends for little league football. Or, as a more environmentally conscious option to the ice cream van, My Eco Self decides I can adapt a bicycle and cart to cycle into the crowds and sell cupcakes at half-time. My Eco Self remembers again the often overlooked fact that I don’t actually like cooking. I wonder if I can outsource the actual baking to a number of bored mums in the area. Then I can be the face of the business, with an apron or cute organic cotton candy-striped uniform with my name embroidered on it in pink thread, for easy access to single divorced dads with angelic children playing football on the common, young enough to still bond with a stepmother. My Eco Self works on a Saturday morning business plan, factoring in the cost of outsourcing. It does not look profitable, when you deduct the cost of the park license, and of the specially commissioned pink-striped uniform in organic cotton with hand-embroidering, and of the cost of converting a bicycle to catering use.
“If I set up a business selling cupcakes from a bicycle,” I ask Food Neurotic Friend, undeterred, “can you review it in your newspaper?”
“I write about travel,” he reminds me.
“But aren’t you sleeping with the food columnist?” I ask.
“I’m the only one getting favours” he replies.

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