Monday, 9 June 2008

Shopping excursion continued..

So far on the shopping excursion, My Eco Self has patronised the local antiques dealer (no sales), the local TV business (no appearances). My Eco Self is feeling smug, especially having remembered to bring my own drawstring bags on the shopping trip. Next stop is the local bread stall for a white sourdough loaf. From another stall, I buy mixed wild mushrooms. My Eco Self has made choices within my budget; choosing the mushroom stall over pancetta and fresh ricotta from the Italian deli across the road. Turning to go home, I feel proud and sacrificial, and walks straight ahead, without even a sideways glance to the film crew. To show how puritanical my new attitude is, I pop into a clothes shop unusually renegaded to the over-40s, to demonstrate how easy it is to exercise restraint. Except the shop has a new range of stylish jewellery, and a comfy-looking navy skirt reminiscent of a favourite skirt from my teenage years. It’s retro, I decide, wondering if a recycling of styles can count as a vintage purchase.

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