Monday, 9 June 2008

Shopping excursion

On the first official day of My Eco Self’s part-time working, I decide to walk to the gourmet food shops across the common. My Eco Self has just spent part of the previous weekend walking the Capital Ring with a friend, and so in a spirit of non-consumerist and non-Fashion-centric trend, I put on my walking shoes for the trip, unable to think of anyone I might want to impress on a Thursday afternoon. I pack a crisp £10 note, to minimise any unjustified splurges. A worthy half hour walk later, My Eco Self is sidelined by the antiques shop at the top end of the road. I wonder if it might be chic to discover an interest in antique jewellery. With an untrained eye, it is difficult to discern whether the coloured glass necklaces on display actually are vintage or whether they could be bought in Accessorize, ten pounds cheaper. A man in a reflective jacket enters the shop. My Eco Self is pleased that a road sweeper has such diverse interests that he likes to check out antiques in his coffee break. Unconvinced that any of my friends would actually realise the jewellery was stylishly retro, not of course the primary reason to buy vintage, My Eco Self continues on. A cluster of men in reflective jackets reveal themselves to be a film crew. There is no evidence of a celebrity presence, with the prime attention being paid to a gaggle of mums in an estate agent. My Eco Self tries to look nonchalant and available, in case the TV crew are in need of an extra who fits a slightly different demographic group. My Eco Self remembers the non-fashionable and non-TV worthy walking shoes and crosses to the other side of the road.

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