Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Eco-friendly Night Owl wooden cards

Taking up the eco-design mantel, My Eco Self feels that I must mention these very cute wooden cards from Night Owl Paper Goods. Their eco credentials are that they are printed on sustainably forested yellow birch, using little water and power (I don't know how, you could email and ask.) Not quite as eco as an e-card, or even recycled card, but I'm pretty confident that if you are the recipient of one of these, you won't be chucking it away any time soon.

The above are an example of the difficulties of frugal living - I already have a whole stash of cards for every occasion, but I really feel I have to have these. I can see them now, propped on the mantlepiece in my spare bedroom, currently styled as vintage chic. There you go, a season of successful frugality ruined by a whim and a cute retro owl. Even the prevalence of holiday cards on their website isn't enough to put me off (one of my pet hates about the US is holiday cards; everybody - it's Christmas.)
I take it back. All fired up for a holiday card rant, a few months early, but in no way aimed vindictively at Night Owl cards, rather the state of the Hallmark nation in general, I quickly checked the holiday card section and they do have some Christmas cards. And very nice ones too.
Anyway, it looks like these are only available in the US, so that's my pursestrings saved for another day. But perhaps they should consider expanding, there's a whole market of card-stashers internationally, ready to part with cash they don't have on a late night shopping spree.
UPDATE: They do ship internationally - sorry! They're very popular in Australia, apparently.

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