Thursday, 18 September 2008

Eco Fair Balham

My Eco Self has been organising an Eco Fair in Balham this weekend. There is a slight concern on my part that I won't master all these things in the next 24 hours:
  • learn how to make newspaper animals
  • cover my boring clothes rail in ribbon
  • become an expert in vintage costume jewellery
  • find a pretty cake stand to display my jewellery
  • wash those clothes which are at the bottom of my washing basket, and intend to sell on my stall
  • get into my back garden (my back door is broken) to cut some greenery to display in a nice vase on my stall
  • and there's more. Believe me, there's LOTS more

Still, I am very excited about the fair - there are lots of good things going on. Firstly, I am thrilled that Ellie Bethel is coming to give a reading. I love her book, Michael Recycle, and I think we're going to sell out of all the copies we have. My Eco Self is not jealous that Ellie had the idea for an eco-friendly children's book before Eco Bear and the Recycled Bicycle managed to find a publisher... Watch out for Ellie's sequel coming soon, Litterbug Doug!

Secondly, the manicure table is being sponsored by Green Hands. So much of what goes into nail products is really nasty stuff - so I'm delighted that Green Hands offer some greener options.

There's free breakfast too, from 10am - organic muesli provided by Rude Health.

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Frugal Trenches said...

Have a wonderful time!

The book looks great, I'll look out for it for Christmas presents for nieces and nephews!