Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Eco-friendly children's book

My Eco Self and Food Neurotic Friend have co-written an eco-friendly children’s book, Eco Bear and the Recycled Bicycle. It wasn’t that difficult, or so we thought, to knock up 900 words or so, and we have a vision for a book printed on recycled paper with vegetable inks. FNF was warned not to circulate the idea lest someone steals it.
The next day I get an e-mail from FNF’s flatmate.
“I was introduced this morning to the idea of Eco Bear,” he wrote, “and I know lots of illustrators if you need a contact”.
I have stern words with FNF, not the first.
"That was a rough draft", I tell him, "not for public consumption".
"I only read it to Chris", he says, "and I sent it to Claire and to Jim to see what they thought. They're parents - they know more about children than you and I".
“I know more about children than you do” I retort, my social circle swamped by domestic mum friends with babies.
“You don’t seem very maternal to me”.
My Eco Self is hurt at the attack on my motherhood potential, not yet realised.

Update 27th Sept 08: My Eco Self has since discovered the brilliant children's book, Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel. Ellie just came and did an author event at an eco fair I organised. Almost as exciting is that the sequel - Litterbug Doug is coming soon!

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