Friday, 8 August 2008

Friday morning soup

My Eco Self has a new routine of making soup every Friday morning, with the contents of the previous week's vegetable box that I haven't managed to eat. Last week's soup was a very uninspired recipe to start off with; broad beans and potatoes - but it became even more so when I forgot about it and went back an hour later to find a brown, burned sludge...

Hopefully this week's will fare better. So far it's just carrots, potatoes, onions, garlic and vegetable stock. I have some rosemary which grows in my garden, so I might add some of that in.

A better strategy altogether would be to eat everything in my organic box before the new one arrives. Food Neurotic Friend would go mad if he could see the mango I forgot to eat from last week's box. Must do better.

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