Sunday, 10 August 2008

Cath Kidston shopping bag

I now own a Tesco Cath Kidston shopping bag.

Here's what happened. I was in Tesco with a friend Gemma and her sister. Gemma has a lovely vintage French chic kind of home, the perfect habitat for Cath Kidston.
Gemma said (slightly paraphrased), "Ooh, I'm going to get one of those."
Gemma's sister, "I'm going to get one too."
My Eco Self, "I better get one too then."

That was it, no peer pressure, not a single thought about my already prolific collection of reusable bags which never see the light of day; not even the slightest consideration of the fact that I don't own one single co-ordinating pastel item. I just bought it. It's actually quite a good size - I went to the supermarket this morning and fitted everything I bought in it; usually I have to supplement my bag with extra plastic bags because not everything fits - not really the point.


Jade of the Jungle said...

You got one - brilliant! I'm still holding out for the other pattern that they've shown on their website but no sight of them yet....

J x

Market Martini said...

great blog.......