Sunday, 17 August 2008

Etsy aspirations

My Eco Self is desperate to have a shop on Etsy. Unfortunately for me, I don't have any talent in anything which requires minute detail (to a certain extent, this also includes spreadsheets; my departure from my accountancy career may have come just in time.) The thought of threading up a sewing machine really makes me feel quite unwell. But I love so much of the stuff they have on there, and it would be a perfect way for me to make some money.

I especially love this yogurt notebook, from Photobird's shop. It has graph paper in it, which I love, and I would love to carry this around in an old, battered-up leather satchel, rescued from an unloved pile at a Parisian flea market. That's if I'd ever been to one. I'd fill it with lucid and articulate musings, all written in a dark blue ink from a fountain pen; beginnings of poetry, noting small coincidences I see, recording overheard snatches of conversations to inspire my next novel-writing project.

However, this is what is more likely to happen. I'll write a to-do list, something like the following:
  • Write a letter to the council to complain about having to pay to have my garden waste collected. This is a serious bone of contention for me - their suggestion is that people should be composting, or taking their waste to the tip. My garden is overgrown all the time from my neighbour's overhanging plants, which takes lot of maintenance. It is a tiny garden and there is no room for a composter (at some point I will take a picture to demonstrate.) Unless anyone knows where to get a small one - I tried this strategy before, and it didn't work.* A lot of my friends have councils who collect garden waste for free. Oh, and I'm being eco-friendly by not having a car, so I can't take it to the tip. Grrr.
  • Make doctor's appointment
  • Update my CV

Then I will throw the notebook in the bottom of my bag and never look at it again until some stray chocolate melts all over my bag and over the notebook.

Or something like that.**

Photobird also has a beautiful blog, Simply Breakfast. I have been inspired by it to take more care in the presentation of my food, and this morning I snipped some flowers from the overhanging neighbour's plant, and arranged them nicely in an old milk bottle. I may have a latent talent as a stylist, not yet realised.

* Please don't suggest a wormery; I can't deal with scraping out dead worms. **This may have happened already.

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