Sunday, 3 August 2008

Innocent Festival in Regent's Park

Yesterday I went to the Innocent Village Fete in Regent's Park. I managed to tag along with Food Neurotic Friend and get into the VIP area. It was so much fun! There were lots of great things happening at the Festival, and I got lots of little freebies (I don't always advocate unnecessary waste, but I got a little sample of Ecover, Rude Health Muesli, and Teapigs. Mmm, I especially love Teapigs, I am always buying them as presents for people. It is tea which comes in a little mesh bag).

Little Green Radicals had a stall - I love their slogan tee-shirts for kids. My favourite is "Give Peas a Chance". They had a special fair offer - one for £9 or two for £15.

If you're free today you should check it out - there's so much going on.

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