Thursday, 31 July 2008

Art exhibition in a hardware shop

An American friend of My Eco Self sent me a link to this video of an art exhibition in a hardware shop, Crest Hardware in Brooklyn. Still fancying myself as a bit of an art critic since my appreciation of the Two for Joy exhibition, I am gutted to discover the event is over, even though the likelihood of finding me in Brooklyn in New York's oppressive midsummer humidity is very slim indeed. My Eco Self appreciates the probably well thought through eco-strategy of multitasking and reusing old hardware as art.

The video is from The Green House. They have videos on lots of green topics, including how to make yogurt in a cardboard box. My Eco Self is perfectly satisfied with the organic bio-yogurt which arrives at my door as an add-on to my vegetable box, but appreciates that someone out there may yearn for a more hands-on approach.

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