Friday, 11 July 2008

Life without plastic

Thanks to Matt, who has recommended this website, Life without Plastic, which sells stainless steel food containers, which should be light enough to carry to the shops. They come in different sizes, but they aren't huge. I think they only ship to the US and Canada.

In the UK, the only website I have found which sells these is Amazon - it looks like the same brand as in the picture.

I've just had an idea: I'm going to email Unlimited and ask them for their considered opinion (or suggestions) of eco-friendly containers for larger quantities. If I'm going to buy unpackaged, I might as well buy in bulk.

Check out Matt's blog, GreenUpgrader - I particularly enjoyed this recent post about a drain pipe turned hotel...(I would suggest this to Food Neurotic Friend as a potential review location, but I am slightly out of favour as his travel companion of choice.)
UPDATE: if you don't usually read the comments, have a look at the one below about tiffin carriers - they look like a great storage solution.

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Anonymous said...

Stainless Steel Tiffins have been used in India for years. They come in differing numbers of compartments that can be stacked together so that you can put more than one item in them at a time. They can be purchased from Indian stores in the UK & I have just found a link to one that John Lewis does too...