Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Celebrity eco design shop

A celebrity My Eco Self admires has just opened an eco design shop.
“Do you want to check it out?” asks Heather, my non-eco-interested friend.
I’m slightly resentful that she is a fair-weather eco-warrior, but am eager for the excursion, despite the trip across town. We strategically time our visit to avoid potential clashes with the celebrity’s schmoozing lunches with his agent, but there’s no sign or evidence of his existence. There’s not even a photo on the wall, or a framed mission statement with his name on it.
“It’s pretty expensive in here,” Heather remarks, picking up a set of recycled pencils made from plastic cups as one of the lowest cost items.
“Let’s go for something to eat instead” I suggest, as an affordable alternative.
I have to steer Heather away from a generic pasta chain in favour of an organic deli round the corner. Heather pulls the pencils out of her bag while she searches for her purse.
“Why did you buy these then?” I ask.
“I wanted to support his enterprise,” she replies.
“I think he’s managing to pay the bills already.”
“The food’s not great in here is it?” says Heather, searching out a non-existent side portion of chips on the menu, amidst an inspired selection of vegetarian rice balls and freshly squeezed juices.
I wish I could reinstate Food Neurotic Friend as the dining companion of choice, but he is increasingly otherwise occupied with his vegan girlfriend.

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