Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Two for Joy

My Eco Self is looking at an art exhibition with a close overseas friend. There is a painting we both like, out of our price range, but entitled “Two for Joy” and picturing two songbirds painted in bright acrylics.
“One for sorrow,” say MES and friend in tuneful harmony, “Two for Joy.”
My Eco Self and friend both have upcoming birthdays.
“Let’s give each other presents this year,” I suggest, “with the theme “Two for Joy.” Overseas friend loves the concept. Once gone, My Eco Self remembers that the scope of my artistic skills is very narrow. “Two what?” I wonder, “Two sculptures made from recycled tin cans? Two unevenly knitted gloves from recycled wool from the charity shop?” I sit in silent contemplation, waiting for inspiration. None comes. Food Neurotic Friend e-mails to tell me he has somewhere special he wants to share. There’s a new tea shop nearby selling over 200 types of teas, from traditional Irish breakfast to Green Tea with Cherry, with the health benefits described in a hefty and well-informed paragraph per tea on a ring-bound menu, and which sells the tea leaves loose as well. Easily distracted, despite the urgency to find a financially viable and income generating Eco project, My Eco Self is talked into a mid-afternoon sojourn with Food Neurotic Friend. My Eco Self reads the menu avidly until I identify a tea which will ‘uplift.’ I buy a small quantity of tea leaves, wrap them up for overseas friend and label them ‘Tea for Joy.’

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