Friday, 9 May 2008

Capsule wardrobe - shoes

In addition, My Eco Self does not own an extensive collection of shoes. My Eco Self decides these are an essential item, rather than an extravagance, and should be excluded from the non-shopping stance. To confirm, My Eco Self quickly looks up the HM Revenue and Customs website to check the VAT ruling on shoes to see if they are zero rated and therefore government sanctioned as an essential item. Research concludes that shoes are not in fact zero rated, unless they are protective for industrial use. My Eco Self thinks this justifies a shopping spree as a new pair of sensible shoes would be protective too - from the curse of hereditary bunions. From across the street, a pair of shoes are already calling to me from the shop window of my favourite boutique, all white floorboards and old distressed mirrors. The shoes are gold sparkly lace-ups, made in leather and ideal, decides My Eco Self, for long walks with a hint of glamour. Which is what I tell Food Neurotic Friend when I show up at his front door to show off the new purchase. “What long walks have a hint of glamour?” he says, “Are you planning to walk from here to Claridges?” “Any walk can have a hint of glamour” I insist, it’s all about your attitude, with a hint of a sexually seductive swagger until I remember the audience. “I thought you weren’t buying any more new clothes?” says FNF. “Clothes and shoes are different” I reply. “I’m preserving the life of my other shoes by buying a few extra pairs, so I’m taking the long-term ecological view.”

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