Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Eco Business Opportunity #1

My Eco Self decides Tea for Joy is a good name for a tea-shop. I have a vision too; all second-hand china tea cups from car boot sales, and vintage tea chests from a salvage yard My Eco Self has yearned to visit. I can visualise pretty cupcakes too, all organic but tantalisingly twee, decorated with hundreds and thousands, and sold with a huge mark-up. My Eco Self is domestically challenged. I go to the best cook I know, Food Neurotic Friend.
“Do you want to go into business with me?” I ask.
“Is this because you have a girlfriend?”
“I don’t eat wheat” he replies.
“It’s not like being a vegetarian,” I tell him. “You can still cook with it.”
I go to a popular cupcake shop on the other side of town, convinced that FNF might share my vision when he sees cupcakes presented in their best light.
“Those fluorescent pink sparkles don’t look very organic or very healthy,” he says, when I bring home a selection.
“They’re integral to the design - and the marketing strategy. I’ll use organic flour, Fair Trade sugar, and source recycled paper cases.”
“I actually have a full-time job already,” says FNF, with pursed lips and the hint of a glare. His new girlfriend is lucky to have him, I think.

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