Friday, 9 May 2008

Giving up work

My Eco Self is bored at my accountancy job. My Eco Self decides to set up a fashion label, Fair Trade, organic, and ethical, after watching a documentary highlighting the images of underage children incapacitated by pesticides and forced to work 13 hour days. Well-disciplined from one week of clothes-buying cold turkey, having abstained successfully from the Cath Kidston temptation, My Eco Self decides to give up buying clothes altogether until better informed on all the ethical issues. The reduced buying initiative coincides neatly with newly negotiated part-time hours, to allow time to set up the fashion label and work on other eco projects which will hopefully lead to a complete escape from the corporate existence. A simple life, earning less money, with less disposable wealth, will lead to more home-cooked meals, walking to save the bus fare, and a healthy glow from the outside air, which will make My Eco Self look young, vivacious and attractive to the opposite sex.

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