Thursday, 7 August 2008

Orangette - the love story

On a non eco-related note, My Eco Self has just spent the afternoon reading the love story of Molly, who writes the incredibly beautiful food blog, Orangette. I clicked through every single referring link to get the whole story. I'm a sucker for romance - even that of complete strangers; a sad situation indeed. Even if you're not a sucker for romance (or maybe don't need to live it vicariously through others, like me) have a look at this food blog - I think it's like gastroporn, you will just be so hungry... (Earlier in the year a friend invited me to some art installation which involved art + food - I couldn't go as I thought it would be too much for me to take - two of my great loves.)
I've completely stolen this photo off her blog (Molly, email me and I will take it straight off if you think it's inappropriate) - but I love black and white photos and think this is beautiful. Oh, and the photo was taken by Michelle M Waite (again, Michelle, email me and I will take your picture off if you want me to.)

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