Thursday, 7 August 2008

An eco wedding #2

“Did you know they bought second hand wedding rings to be eco-friendly?” asks Food Neurotic Friend.
I try to catch a glance when I give them the obligatory wedding kisses and congratulations, but I’m blinded by the glare of what I know to be a ten-carat Tiffany engagement ring. There’s a blinding fireworks display.
“Are fireworks environmentally friendly?” I ask FNF. “What do you think?” he replies, half-distracted by scouring the dance floor for a potential conquest.
I’m not really listening to him either, waiting patiently and nonchalantly for the bride to throw her wedding bouquet, but there’s no activity.
“Is she going to throw the bouquet?” I ask the bride’s mother.
“No, I don’t think she wants to waste the bouquet when she can dry them.”
My Eco Self doesn’t think that confirming my future destiny is a waste of a bouquet, especially when they’d only been picked five minutes before, and I’ve never known the bride to be a Martha Stewart type who’d install a framed portfolio of pressed petals in her designer apartment.
“If I’d known that I’d have picked a few more flowers for a spare,” I mumble to no-one in particular, Food Neurotic Friend appearing to be making some progress with a petite bridesmaid half his age.

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