Wednesday, 17 September 2008


My Eco Self had fully intended to share with you all the boring intricacies of my new plan to spend only £25 per week. It was brought on by some work experience I've just been doing. I found myself back in a commute to work which I haven't done for over 2 years - looong way round on the slow train to London Bridge, then Jubilee line - because there's no way you're going to catch me on the Northern Line during rush hour, no thank you. I quickly found myself adopting the old routine of almost missing the train, and having a coffee and pain au chocolat on the way to work as I haven't had time for breakfast. Then, I felt like I needed a treat at lunchtime, so off I went to Pret every day....this is all while working for nothing.

So, as a penance, I decided I needed to live off a very strict budget for at least a month, before I go to New York as an election tourist. But somehow I haven't started yet. I just went to IKEA today on a different mission, and somehow I have come home with a brand new lamp, duvet set and pillows, baskets...ever since I read about IKEA's environmental policy, I haven't felt so bad about shopping there - if it wasn't for buying things I don't really need.

I am a person who can't live off a budget. But I am determined to try - starting after my brother comes to visit this weekend.

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